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    The Ultimate Lover Intensives

    Understand and Master what women want for an amazing life, mindblowing sex and fulfilling relationships with the fairer sex...

  • Why we need training for great relationships

    Trial and error is a risky strategy when your heart and confidence is at stake.

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    Statistics paint a grim picture

    What most of us do clearly doesnt work...

    More than 50% of all marriages end in divorce, a very sad statistic that often leaves men emotionally and financially strained.

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    Knowledge = confidence = sexy

    Why not invest in mastering one of the most crucial areas of your life?

    If you want to suceed in any field, finding a great teacher or mentor will drastically shorten your learning curve and enhance your success. Investing in understanding women and improving the most meaningful relationships in your life pays off in greater happiness, better sex, deeper intimacy and less stress. Consider it an investment in wellbeing, happiness and sexual confidence.

  • Our 3 day workshops:

    Life will never be the same once you understand what women truly need and desire to bring out the best in them.

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    Day 1: Understanding women

    - shared agreements and integrity

    - the feminine principle

    - what women really want and need

    - your job in relationship

    - women's gifts & what they need to give them

    - the magic word you need to make it work

    - Q&A and live coaching

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    Day 2: Meeting her intimately

    - the power of presence

    - Mastering intimacy

    - getting out of your head to rock her world

    - speaking to her heart

    - the heart/sex connect

    - the perfect meeting

    - the perfect date

    - a mindblowing kiss

    - communication for success

    - Q&A and live coaching


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    Day 3: Sex and Seduction

    - desire types and how to engage them

    - seduction as leadership

    - playing with polarity

    - understanding a woman's body and how to make it sing

    - building anticipation and desire

    - sensual domination

    - understanding the needs of different anatomy types

    - The Ultimate lover: how to be the best she's ever had

    - Self pleasuring as training

    - Nutrition for peak performance

    - embodying the potent masculine

    - Q&A and live coaching if desired

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    Our next dates and locations

    Winter 2017/2018 Latin America tour (including Spanish translation and livestream option). Sign up to our newsletter for more information...


    November 2017: London


    January 2018: Bali


  • About Padma Deva

    Learn from an expert unlike any other: Padma Deva, founder of tantric surrogate therapy and creatress of "The Ultimate Lover Intensives and Trainings for men", internationally acclaimed expert on sex, relationships, tantra and women.

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    Padma Deva

    Trainer, Author, Speaker, Therapist, Tantrika and Relational explorer...

    Padma has been teaching men how to pleasure women physically and emotionally for over 10 years through her tantric surrogate therapy programs for singles and couples.


    She was deeply touched by the realisation how much most men desire to please the women in their lives and make them happy. Unfortunately this desire isnt enough without a deep understanding of what women really want and need or the skills to truly meet them.


    Through dating and working with men and women, Padma realised the most common mistakes men make that leave women unfulfilled. Based on her own successful experiences with dating women, Padma started coaching her male clients in the principles she had discovered to work for her, her friends, lovers and clients. From successfully creating desire, leading emotionally and energetically, initiating magic and intimacy and deeply fulfilling women emotionally, mentally and sexually, the same skills seemed to work for the vast majority of women.


    Women's needs, even though somewhat different from men's are actually predictable and rational. Once a man understands and learns how to meet them, magical relationships and satisfied women become a reality.

  • Testimonials

    What our clients say about us...

    You ve turned me into a women magnet...

    Christian, Liverpool, UK

    I used to feel unsure about myself with women, typically ending up in unsatisfying relationships where my needs never got met whilst I was working hard. Through Padma's coaching, I now know how to create relationships that actually work, both for me and my partner.

    Thank you for explaining me to my husband...

    Caroline, Dallas, USA

    When we sought out Padma's help our relationship was on the rocks and I felt a lot of resentment towards my partner. Padma speaks "guy" and easily explained to my husband what I needed in a way he understood. We connected intimately for the first time in years and we are both feeling hopeful.

    Wow. I never knew being with women could be this fun and easy...

    Matt, London, UK

    I suffered from premature ejaculation and sought help from Padma, my confidence completely destroyed. Not only did her tantric surrogate program help me overcome my issue, I learnt so much helpful stuff about myself, women and relationships. For the first time in a long time, I feel confident with the ladies.

    Thank you for saving my marriage...

    Mike, Dallas, USA

    It was heartbreaking to see the woman I loved so deeply pull away further and further. No matter how hard I tried, nothing seemed to make a difference in helping me win back my wife. We reached out to Padma for help and I am so glad we did. Within the first day of working with her, I saw the problem and the solution. The change in my wife is unbelievable. I can't thank you enough.

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